Coffee grinder

la san marco

As a synonym for espresso coffee machines, La San Marco is the worldwide standard bearer for the best from tradition and innovation. The evolution of our machines can be seen in the many models that were admired for their unique qualities and are fondly remembered by those who used them or benefited from them. From the debut 900 Series, bearing the mythical winged lion image and the original La San Marco logo, to the Lollobrigida and Disco Volante models of the fifties, and on to those of the SM era and the successes of the 85, 95, 100 and New 105 Multiboiler Series. It’s the story of an Italian concern that has successfully carried the great tradition and passion of espresso coffee around the world and is now firmly established as sector leader thanks to its solid organisation and efficient sales network. 

la san marco 92

The La San Marco 92 series coffee grinder has two options: simple and smart. These grinders have good quality grinding blades and fine-grained coffee grinder.

The SM 92 smart grinder automatically senses the size of the portal filter and the number of nozzles, and saves a lot of time while storing fresh coffee beans.