Capsule Coffee

Segafredo Zanetti coffee system

Founded in 2004, Segafredo Zanetti Coffee System is a manufacturer of easy-to-use capsule coffee and capsule coffee machines and is part of the Massimo Zanetti Beverages Group.

  • Classico

    Infused with a classic Italian espresso flavor, this capsule is a coffee with a balanced flavor and cream.

  • Decaf

    For expectant mothers and people who are hypersensitive to caffeine, the organic decaffeinated capsule coffee allows you to enjoy the taste of coffee whenever you want without any worries

  • Lungo

    Lungo, or long coffee, is a distilled coffee with twice as much water (about 60ml) as the classic espresso. If you need a taste between Americano and Espresso, choose Lungo.

  • Le Origini Brasile

    In the heart of Minas Gerais, a 100% Arabica coffee of great balance and softness is born, with a sweet scent and delicate taste, characterized by a refined sweet and honeyed aftertaste.

    Le Origini Brasile
  • Le Origini Peru

    The microclimate that characterizes the highlands of Peru is ideal for obtaining a 100% Arabica coffee, organic, rich and intense on the nose, with fine nuances of chocolate and caramel.

    Le Origini Peru
  • Le Origini Costa Rica

    From the luxuriant vegetation of Costa Rica, a 100% Arabica tropical coffee with a thousand shades. The bouquet is intense and harmonious, the taste is fruity and persistent, with roundness on the palate and liqueur sensations.

    Le Origini Costa Rica

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