Vitamix started in a small log cabin in the US and has expanded into more than 130 countries, becoming the global leader in high-performance blending solutions. You'll find Vitamix in more than 125,000 commercial chain locations, the top 50 restaurants in the world, and in more than 150 culinary schools.

  • The Quiet One

    The Quiet One is trusted by shops around the world for its groundbreaking hush, with speeds that softly blend at the decibel level of a nearby conversation. This product is intended for commercial use only. The new twist-lock sound enclosure is easier to remove and clean, and a larger centering pad allows for simple, one-step cleaning. Air management and a powerful 3-peak output HP motor reduces noise, improves reliability, and minimizes downtime.

    The Quiet One
  • Vita-Prep 3

    The Vita-Prep® 3 mixer is an integral part of a professional kitchen, with the ability to easily slice and mix all types of food, from juicy and soft fruits to hard ice, without losing its flavor.

    Vita-Prep 3